Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Final of Crazy and Colourful Modeling (and stuff)

Sooooooooooooooo! Hello everyone!

Just now I'm going to post the before and after version of my entry for the FINAL of Crazy and Colourful Modeling. Yes, the final, that means after the results I will have to move all the pictures to archives - awwwwwww. I haven't even set up archives yet, or quite a few other pages *cough* lazy *cough* but I will! One day... ANYWAY... click the title to see my entry :D!

and afterrrrr:
Sandy the crazy and colourful faery was feeling a little bored one evening, and so she decided to sit upon the Great Rainbow since it was looking just beautiful tonight. Her feet sparkled as she easily skipped up the colourful bridge. As she sat down, swinging her legs over the edge, she was suddenly startled by loud banging noises! She instantly looked up and saw ginormous fireworks in every shape, size and colour bursting from the darkness of the clear skies! The fireworks were even brighter than her magical sparkles which surrounded her in a white glow. As she tried to regain her balance, she slipped and began to slide down the rainbow rapidly! She tried to slow down with her hand but it was no use; her legs and other arm were flailing while her necklace attempted to fly off her neck! When she finally reached the end of the rainbow she noticed a large sign stuck onto the pot of gold, it said:


So that was why the Rainbow was deserted... 

So yeah that's it :D. What do you think :3? Can't wait for the results ^__^ I tried so hard in this competition and I can definitely see a big improvment from my first entry - in my first entry, I couldn't even edit!!! And I have learned so many techniques :). Just hope all my effort pulled off - would love love love to win this comp, but I'm against Drew who is an awesome competitor, so I'll just have to wait and see :). Will keep you updated!

In other news....
I am now a judge for "Le Raunché Cycle Deux" and I feel a little out of place... There are some really experienced and well-known editors in this competition that I am nowhere near as good as, so it feels a little strange me judging their work. I feel like a pupil trying to teach the teacher xD Ah well, I'll just try my best and I'm sure I'll have a blast! There are over 20 models and it's a non-elimination competition so that is A LOT of judging!

I think most of you read Sensation Magazine, but I am currently writing a Model Legacy in it - with my founder Charlie Diamond; an aspiring fashion designer. So check it out :D Only two chapters have been released so far - one in issue 12 and one in issue 13 and OMG I MADE SUCH A HOT SIM CALLED TOM IN IT AND HE IS SEXY. Emmmmmm... yeah.. so... check it out :D!

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