Saturday, 4 February 2012

Fear Me and Down With Drab!

Last night I handed in my entry for assignment 2 of "Fear Me", hosted by Monks. Before I started I had no idea what to do but then I knew I wanted to incorporate magic into it ^__^!

Recently I tried to combine all my package files into one to make my game run faster, which worked, but all my custom content skins disappeared O_O. So as I'm sure you can imagine I was FREAKING OUT. I haven't been able to track down the skin I used to use for Mariko, which was white, so I have been using one as pale as I can. It looks ok but I wish i could find her natural skintone again :(.

Anyway, here is my entry for assignment 2 - "The Night Walkers" :

Mariko may have had no physical weapons, but she did have her magic. She ran straight towards the Nightwalkers who were towering above a now unconscious and helpless looking teenager. Just as she reached the girl's body she was pulled up into the sky, hovering above the ground. All of a sudden a large glow of white sparks and lights radiated from Mariko's alien body. The light lit up all the forest objects around her as she glowed brighter than she had ever glowed. Even the pummeling rain could not dampen a light as luminous as this. As Mariko had expected, the Nightwalkers cowered from the bright light - they were the 'night' walkers after all, who only hunt at night, in the dark. The Nightwalkers were quickly frightened off by this magnificent firework just metres before them, scuttling back into the dark depths of the winding forest. Mariko hastily knelt down by the girl's side, no longer glowing, and heard a muffled but grateful; "Thank you...".
This is a favourite photo of mine I think ^__^. A requirement was that there had to be rain in the picture so I had fun editing that in using this tutorial. It worked really well (I think haha) and I would definitely recommend it if you ever need rain :D. It's quick and simple!

Here are the two before images I used :) :

(click to see them biggified)

I tried hair drawing in this image a little and I was quite happy with the results - it was much quicker than other hair drawings I've attempted :P because her hair is black and it wasn't a close up of her face :).

I really need to update the "Down With Drab" page because it's on assignment 4 now and I haven't written anything on it xD. I actually won assignment 3 which i was quite surprised with! I didn't do skin shading or smoothing which I usually do - I did do other editing though. The keyword was "Gay". Here is my entry:

I quite like the light on the wall I edited in, and the spotlight effect coming from it. It's from a set of awesome brushes I recently download (I also used them in my "Fear Me" entry above), you can find them here.

I've somehow managed to lose the before version o_O.... hehe

I'm sure many of you know about "Le Raunche: Cycle Deux" and I just finished judging the entries for assignment 1 so far :D. They were all really awesome and the scores from me were really close!! I can't wait to see who wins this round :). Good luck to all the contestants!!

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