Hey there! Here you can find all entries of mine from competitions I have previously participated in, each competition has a separate slideshow:

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Some of these photos are VERY bad! xD



Hosted by Ruby (rubyandnora97)
Position: First

Assignment 1 Description:

As soon as Bryony received the mysterious letter, she screamed with delight and nervousness. She told her husband, Alfred, the news and that night she could hardly sleep. She kept thinking of things that could go wrong and what could happen to her. But she tried to keep a positive mind and at 11.31 the next day she set off for the destination. It was snowing when she arrived and she was glad that she had brought her jacket and scarf. But they weren't just for warmth. Oh no. You see, the jacket can be turned into a rucksack which would be useful in case she needed to carry anything. And her scarf, well her grandmother Lien used to teach self-defence classes and she taught Bryony that you don't need a dagger or knife to defend yourself; a scarf will do just fine... Her other item which she brought along was her glasses. Lien had insisted that Bryony wore contact lenses incase she broke her glasses but these glasses reminded her of her baby Lydia. When Bryony was buying new frames, Lydia had knocked over a stand and was playing with these very frames, and so, naturally, Bryony bought them. Anyway, when Bryony arrived at the location she was surprised as the place looked abandoned. Dead bramble bushes, ancient podiums, piles of fallen rock and mouldy storage boxes. What Bryony noticed after this was the very new, crystal encrusted mirror; it looked extremely out of place. Bryony looked into the mirror but did not see her reflection. She could see herself, but she was facing the wrong way and standing in a completely different place. Her "reflection" waved at her and suddenly, multi-coloured light began to swallow her mirrored version up from the ground and blue light began to brightly shine through the podiums! And in a FLASH the same thing started happening to Bryony (the real one). She looked back at the mirror and could see the correct reflection and it became crystal clear to her that she was being called into the labyrinth. She took a deep breath and began rapidly falling through electric beams of light coming from every angle. She was, definitely, entering the labyrinth.
Assignment 3 Description:

Bryony looked around in awe. She was in a fairytale palace. Her breathtaking dress and hair elegantly harmonised with the bright and enchanting flowers. An intricate maze of staircases and doors with no walls were everywhere. She began exploring the incredible place; examining objects and contemplating her entrancing surroundings.
Assignment 3 Description:

Bryony was made-up and dressed by a glistening metal machine in her dressing room and in the blink of an eye, she was tossed back out again. The strange woman had gone, nobody else was there. She curiously wondered what was happening, she began stroking her chin to help her think. It didn't help. All she knew, was that she was in an old warehouse with some old barrels, a spider - A SPIDER!? She suddenly jumped and let out a ghastly scream, she was shaking all over! She was petrified of spiders (and I mean PETRIFIED). She was so distracted by the spider's creepy legs and bottomless pits for eyes, that she didn't notice the exit sign. Bryony's deep breathing began to fade as the spider thankfully crawled down the back of a barrel and she began taking in her surrounding again. This time she noticed the exit sign - luckily.



Hosted by Miktiger
Position: N/A - Competition Cancelled

Assignment 1 Description:

Sunny had been diagnosed with bladder problems from a very young age, and so it was very important that her mother, Angela, and her father, Mark, taught her how to use the potty! There were potty's in every room of the house just in case, and with the help of her persistant parents, she finally got the idea ;).
Assignment 2 Description:

Sunny had become a little eco-warrior ever since watching Autumnwatch - she decided she would ride her bike to school. Angela was unsure at first; she wanted to drive her there since it was her first day - but eventually she came around (thanks to Mark). Mark was so proud to see his little angel start school. Sunny was excited but nervous...


Hosted by Jackie (Jacquelinejvr)
Position: First
Note: I think this is the competition I improved the most in. Don't believe me? Look through the slideshow to see if you agree ^^. This competition was one of my favourites :).

Assignment 1 Description:

It was the highly popular religion week at Oakvale Elementary School. The week consists of religious ongoings and pupils AND teachers are allowed to dress up with a religious theme if they want! And that's just what Sandy did. She came as half-Eve/half-angel. She thought it was pretty awesome although the rest of the school did not. Teachers looked ashamed and pupils were embarassed! Sandy was angry but she clenched her fists, scrunched up her nose, took a deep breath and proudly walked into Oakvale to enjoy religion week. You go girl!!
Assignment 2 Description:

Sandy felt like snazzying up her modelling studio!
Assignment 3 Description:

After a hard day at work, Sandy came home to discover her favourite gnome - smashed! Her cat, Rodger, was smirking in the corner and licking his paws with pride. Sandy decided to get revenge, so she gave Rodger a bath. She dressed herself for the difficult operation, in her mother's cherry apron, and cornered the nervous feline. Rodger struggled, screeched and spat but it was no good. Sandy was in a particular rebellious mood and decided to use her multicolour hair dye on her cat! Once Rodger's fur was dried and plumped Sandy couldn't contain her laughter and she erupted to the floor in hysterics. Poor Rodger had no idea why she was laughing and was slightly scared - no wonder he broke her gnome since she acts like this.
Assignment 4 Description:

Art is one of Sandy's passions in life. She had been contacted to model for a sculptor to sculpt her out of ice to be exhibited at Sim Pole! She just couldn't refuse! As well as being sculpted, she was offered a free holiday to Sim Pole to view the exhibition herself. She was allowed to see all the masterpieces before the grand opening and when she saw the sculpture that was supposed to be her - she almost died! Her nose was completely the wrong shape! She tore the sculpture's clothes and wigs off and smashed the ice to the ground where it dissolved into the icy floor. She threw on the outfit and wig, put on her make-up and elegantly posed on the display. Many visitors passed and admired the realistic sculpture of a beautiful young woman. Near the end of the showing, a little boy ducked under the barrier ropes with a naked flame. Sandy's heartbeat increased rapidly as he came closer and closer to her. He poked her on the knee with the burning fire and Sandy could not hold in a painful yelp! Her knee was burnt and she instinctly jumped back from the boy to protect herself from another burning. Unfortunately she jumped just a little far too back and fell onto the icy ground - her body ached in so many places - but at least the ice was cooling her knee.
Assignment 5 Description:

After watching "Zombie Gone Wrong" late on Halloween, eating too much cheese and drinking too much wine, Sandy collapsed on her old sofa into a deep sleep. She dreamt - no sorry, she 'nightmaret' - that she was taking a morning stroll through the dark Forests of BogBrook and reached an open space full of marsh and swamp. As she turned to leave she heard a snap from one direction and a moan from another. Dark figures began to emerge from the tall trees, skin as green as the leaves that enclosed her. They advanced on their prey - her brain. Sandy tried to remember back to the film where the exact same thing had happened to a girl called Eliza. A gas leak at the Military had turned the cadets into these putrid creatures. She remembered what happened to Eliza - it was not good. The zombies caved in on her, she felt a foreceful blow to her head and - she woke up.
Assignment 6 Description:

Black and white is the complete opposite of what Sandy is - colourful. So I decided to show the complete opposite of Sandy in this black and white pic! Usually a kind, sweet and caring girl - the black and white version of Sandy is a sexy, seducing assassin. One kiss of her poision red lips will knock you out in a flash - and with looks like these, Sandy doesn't find killing hard at all.
Assignment 7 Description:

When Sandy's manager gave her a drab grey dress with a pair of traditional black tights for her next shoot Sandy was devastated. It was all about how it is ok to "fit in" because you can still be fashionable. But this was NOT fashionable at all. So Sandy, being in a rebellious mood, tie-dyed the drab dress turning it into a show-stopping ensemble and angrily ripped up the tights. Add some funky accessories, bright orange hair and an awesome pair of colourful combat boots and she was ready to go! While she struck her most rebellious pose her manager cringed at the sight of her.
Assignment 8 Description:

Sandy Clementine, also known as "Super Sandy"! Here and there and everywhere, Super Sandy will save the day! Whether it be a theiving of an old lady's handbag or hostages in a bank, no job is too big or small for Super Sandy! Within two metres, she can freeze any villain with her blue fog that emerges from her cool lips. Once you're trapped you're doomed! Mwahahahahahahaha!!
Assignment 9 Description:

Roll up! Roll up! Welcome to The Travelling Circus, coming to a city near you! You'll be "Ooooh"ing and "Ahhhh"ing with the rest of the audience when the fantastic and fandabulous acts perform for you! Will your favourite be the traditional yet crazy clown? The parading elephants? The fearless fire eater? The flexible twin acrobats? Or will the act that fills your heart with delight and excitement be The Luscious Leopard, aka Sandy Clementine, who sets off fireworks in every man's heart as she twirls with her scarlet silk in the air. If The Luscious Leopard can't tempt you to come, nothing will!! So, come on down to "The Tent" in Riverview this Friday and Saturday for the time of your life! Don't miss this once in a lifetime opportunity!
Assignment 10 Description:

Sandy's glamorous side shines through with the sophisticated, yet bright and bold, shades of the elegant peacock.
Assignment 11 Description:

Sandy the crazy and colourful faery was feeling a little bored one evening, and so she decided to sit upon the Great Rainbow since it was looking just beautiful tonight. Her feet sparkled as she easily skipped up the colourful bridge. As she sat down, swinging her legs over the edge, she was suddenly startled by loud banging noises! She instantly looked up and saw ginormous fireworks in every shape, size and colour bursting from the darkness of the clear skies! The fireworks were even brighter than her magical sparkles which surrounded her in a white glow. As she tried to regain her balance, she slipped and began to slide down the rainbow rapidly! She tried to slow down with her hand but it was no use; her legs and other arm were flailing while her necklace attempted to fly off her neck! When she finally reached the end of the rainbow she noticed a large sign stuck onto the pot of gold, it said: "DO NOT GO ON THE GREAT RAINBOW TONIGHT AS THE ANNUAL FANTASTIC FAIRYLAND FIREWORKS ARE HAPPENING!" So that was why the Rainbow was deserted...