Close Up

Here are some of my favourite entries of mine from "Close Up", hosted by jaicee521 aka Jaicee! Click on the photos to see them biggified!

The model participating in Crazy and Colourful is...

Assignment 1 - "Represent"

  • Place: 2nd/8 (roughly xD) competitors
  • Score: Can't remember and the scores aren't up anymore :(
  • Percentage: Eheh, well this is awkward (see above)

The boys call Iris a 'legend', whereas the girls just call her a 'slut'.

For assignment one of "Close Up", we had to create a headshot that represented our model's personality. And from the very beginning of Iris' creation I just knew that she was a downwright *covers children's ears and eyes* whore. *uncovers children's ears and eyes* I was in love when I found this hair, I think the hair and pose go extremely well if you know what I mean? Iris, in my opinion, really suits curly hair but I have only found two styles for sims 3 so far :(. Will just have to keep looking I suppose :D.

Assignment 2 - "Closed"

  • Place: 2nd (tie) /8 competitors
  • Score: 58/60
  • Percentage: 97%

This photo has no caption :). In this assignment, we were supposed to create a headshot where our models eyes were closed, it also had to be elegant. I definitely achieved the first part, and I think it's elegant... xD I sure hope it is! This is my first hair drawing that I am verrrry happy with :D!! I came second tied for this entry which i was very happy with ^__^