Thursday, 16 May 2013

Haute Couture Cycle 2 Model! Plus a bit of reggae!


I am delighted to announce I have (finally) joined a modelling competition! The competition which caught my eye was Elasticgirl's "Haute Couture Cycle 2" on Unbound where different eras of history and fashion are explored. Hopefully I will get past the application process and be accepted as a model.

Of course I couldn't resist the opportunity to create a new model! So, behold, my new model, Lucinda Caldwell:

She has a beautiful smile :3
I was trying to move away from my more smaller, timid, maybe even cute models (although I still haven't cracked the cute look I really want) and create a more unique and stronger looking model. Hopefully I have achieved this! She is growing on me, I'll have to see how she models throughout the competition. I'll keep you posted ;).

And if you care to look at her for longer, here is a bodyshot:



P.S. I advise you to listen to "Make It Bun Dem" - it reminds me of my recent Comenius school trip to Sweden where I stayed with a very nice Swedish family and thoroughly enjoyed the country's food (and the snow :3). Why does it remind me of it? Because while driving through the snowy landscape this song was played extremely loudly with the bass turned all the way up - magic :')!

That is all for now - tata!

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