Meet the Models

Say hello to all of my little models, whether they are retired, active or upcoming superstars!

 Bio: Bryony is a type of plant and Bryony (the sim) is like a plant. She grew from a tiny shy seed and is still growing. One day she hoeps she can become the beautiful bloom she thought she never could be. Her grandmother raised her from a young age as her parents abandoned her; Bryony and Lien (grandmother) still live together along with Bryony's husband Alfred and their baby girl Lydia. Bryony sees a lot in herself in Lydia and hopes that she will make a better mother than her own mother was. I hope so too.

Bryony is my first ever model who I entered in my first every modeling competition! That's why her pictures aren't very good, especially her bodyshot xD. She is a retired model who now enjoys aging up with her family of three children. Her eldest is Lydia, who is now a teengaer. Her two younger children are called Sophie and Gregory. Unfortunately Lien passed away :( but Bryony is living happily looking after her children with her husband Alfred.

I won my first competition, Daylight Dreamwalking, with Bryony. Although this was only because all the other contestants dropped xD. But I still won fair and square I guess haha! She was created and entered before I discovered the world of editing haha (apart from green screen ;D). I love Bryony so much because she was my first model :B. Go to "Archives" to see all her pictures from Daylight Dreamwalking (although remember they are from my first EVER competition so they aren't amazing teehee). [[ARCHIVES NOT UP YET]]

Bio: Sunny Taylor is a quiet but determined girl. She was a very enthusiastic eco-warrior when she was younger, and to this day she is environmentally-friendly, recycling and gardening whenever she can! Although she may seem timid at first, she can create beautiful photos with her unique and adorable looks. Basically, don't underestimate her ;).

Sunny Taylor was the model for my second competition :). Unfortunately the competition she was entered in, All Through My Life, was cancelled after only the second assignment :( so she never got to reach her full potential. My photos were not amazing since this was only my second competition (and the first one had like only 3 assignments xD) - I had still not delved into editing because I didn't know it existed :L!

While I liked Sunny, I've sorta forgot about her xD.. And her game file is no longer in my game. So, as you can probably tell, she is a retired model, after only competing in two assignments.. o_O XD I'll post her pictures though in "Archives" soon, in memory of her <3. I warn you though, they're not very good haha!

Bio: Sandy has always been a big (and crazy) kid. She wants to have children of her own someday; BUT she hasn't found her man yet. So, in the meantime, she is an elementary school teacher! She wants to give modelling a go to boost her self confidence - and possibly find a man

Sandy Clementine was (and still is) the model in my third competition, Crazy and Colourful. This competition (unlike the others) has not and I'm pretty confident that it won't be cancelled as there are only two assignments left to go - and yes I'm still in xD. Woohoo! I just came first in a round for the first time in the whole competition so I'm quite delighted hehe.  

Sandy is one of my favourite models so far (but don't tell the others ;) ) because of her cute and quirky personality. She's a bit like me in that sense :). I FINALLY discovered editing in this competition haha! I am going to try incredibly hard in the last two assignments of Crazy and Colourful, because I really would like to win <3. I'm up against two fabby simmers though, Drew and LM, so it's going to be tough xD! I think Sandy would quite like to win too haha! You can see all her photos from the competition in it's very own special page hehe :). I'm not sure whether I will compete with her in other competitions after, I like love creating new sims, so we shall just have to wait and see!

 Bio: Yasmin was always picked on as a small child and didn't have many human friends. She was, however, comforted by her animal friends - there are too many to list. Yasmin is a proud animal lover and dreams of adopting 6 strays one day. 

Yasmin Keller participated in Memories Modeling, which was my first non-editing competition. I have to say, even though I had just discovered editing in my previous competition, it was extremely hard to not to be able to edit xD. This was also my first non-elimination competition, so that was an interesting twist to it :). I'm glad it was, because I came last in one of the assignments haha! Overall, I came 4th out of 5 people x] - but in the last assignment I came 2nd, so I didn't feel that bad about it at all for some reason :D. It was a fun competition even though we weren't allowed to edit. The competition revolved around pets and so I got to try out all the new features of the Pets expansion pack which I had just bought.

I do love Yasmin, but I'm not sure whether she will model again. Perhaps she will settle down in the country with all her pets, such as her horse Chestnut, her snake Scarlet and her beloved dog Blossom <3. I'll keep you updated ;).

Bio: Growing up, Copper was never really accepted by the other children, but she didn't mind. An avid book reader who enjoys solitude, Copper would never change anything about herself, including her lazy eye.

Copper Sorrell is currently participating in Down With Drab: Cycle 2, which is all about anti-bullying. I wanted to create a sim who had been bullied before in her life, this is Copper. I have grown so much to Copper, she is a beautiful simmy no matter what anybody says x]. I came 5th in the first assignment out of A LOT of people, 23 in fact! I've just handed in assignment 2, which I will shortly post in "Down With Drab". So look out for that! I'm not sure how well I've done this round, hopefully well enough haha!

I have a feeling this will be Copper's only modeling competition, she's here to prove a point and show her feelings against bullying. Perhaps afterwards she will settle down with a beautiful man and start a loving family of her own. I can imagine her doing that xD. (Yes I do give my sims personalities hehe)

Bio: Iris Granger may seem sweet on the outside, but you should never judge a book by its cover. Inside is a seducing and determined soul. Well that's saying it in a nice way. In simple terms, she is a complete and utter slut.

I LOVE IRIS GRANGER XD! She is my very recent model and has just started competing in Close Up, a competition all about headshots. I am very excited to attempt to show her 'personality' through the photos, it should be a lot of fun hehe! You can see all her photos from the competition in "Close Up". (not there yet though ;) ) D'awwww for some reason I just love her so much. I think she is the model that looks most like a model I have created, if that makes any sense? I played around a lot with the facial structure sliders and I love how it turned out!

Anyway.. look out for Iris Granger, she gets around ;D.

Bio: Mariko Kai has always been a woman with attitude - but when her home planet was burnt to a crisp by 'them', that was the last straw. She is now on a journey to fight 'them' for all her people, to prove that the Xazillions will get the better of 'them', even if all of them are dead, apart from Mariko.

Mariko is a very new model that I created to compete in "Fear Me" which is being hosted by Monks! The first assignment has been posted and I'm hoping to get all creative with space and stuff :D - really looking forward to this comp!

I downloaded an awesome eyeball slider for her eyes to create the pupil slits and I love it!

My two new models! (Bios probably coming soon ;) )

Isla Perez:

Lucinda Caldwell:

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