Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Updates :D 17/01/12

I came first in the semi-finals of "Crazy and Colourful" modeling with my peacock inspired headshot. I've joined "Fear Me" and entered assignment 1! And I have also handed in assignment 1 for "Close Up"!! Take a look :D

Hello everyone <3!

I previously showed you my entry for the semi-finals of "Crazy and Colourful" modeling, my peacock inspired headshot. And guess what? I came first in that round :D!! That is the second time I have come first in a round in that competition, so I was very happy ^__^. Unfortunately LM was eliminated </3, I was sad to see her go :(.

BUT this means that I am in the final alongside Drew :D! I am brainstorming ideas but nothing has taken my fancy yet, well maybe something has but I'm not telling ;).


I just entered my first assignment for "Fear Me". We had to show the moment where our models decided to join the resistance (in my case, where Mariko looks upon her burning planet Naordra, destroyed by mysterious strangers and swears revenge upon them for her dead people)

See the picture and story/description below for a better idea hehe!

Panic spread across the land like a swarm of bees as the terrified cries of men, women and children rang throughout Naordra. The flames were shot down from the large grey spaceships that were caving in from above, and the whole planet turned into a giant's fireplace. Mariko turned this way and that, looking wildly for an escape from the outlaws! And then she remembered about the emergency capsule under her blazing house - she immediately ran as fast as her legs would carry her to the secret ship! She initiated launch and her heart twinged as she realised that her home planet was being destroyed, along with its people. But there was nothing she could do at that moment, the pod was only big enough for one. Sadness poured inside of her, but no tears fell from her reptilian eyes.

As she blasted through the sky and into space she looked upon the huge ball of fire that was once her home, the enemy had gone and she could see no other spacecrafts. Her sadness turned into anger towards those killers, whoever they were, for murdering the innocent people of Naordra. It was on that day that she swore revenge on the mysterious outsiders with their grey ships, and any other villains that placed harm upon innocent souls. 
 Here is the before image for this pic, I'm quite proud of the pasting in background :3 :


I haven't posted this entry before, but I for "Close Up" we had to represent our models in a headshot. As you might know, Iris Granger is a slut, so this is how I portrayed her :D.

I came second with this entry so I was very pleased :D. I drew some of her top and the strap, and I just liked atmosphere this picture had - it's one of my new favourites. Iris Granger is probably my favourite model just now <3 (Don't tell Mariko ^__^) Here is the before image:

(woops it's sideways x] )

I'm pretty sure that's all for now.. I need to make a page for "Fear Me" - that will come soon :D! Thank you for reading and feel free to leave me a comment! :)

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