Sunday, 22 January 2012

Close Up Assignment 2

I am very proud of my entry for Assignment 2 for Close Up, because this is the first hair drawing that I am really really really happy with :D!

Here it is:

Our model's eyes had to be closed and the shot had to be elegant. I tried a 'lomographic' sort of effect on it, the shades are quite harsh but it's supposed to be like that haha!

I also tried a 'vintage' effect using another tutorial but I didn't like it as much:

It was a bit... weird... lol xD
Here is the before picture:

I'm quite proud of my editing skillz in this pic (the after version, not the before obvs cause there is no editing in that one) :D.

If you're wondering how I did the hair, I used Vana's tutorial. I highly recommend it, it's simply and it works really really well! What are you waiting for? Go give it a try :D!


  1. Oh wow I love this picture!
    I've seen Vana's tutorial but I'm yet to try it out - and you make me want to try it out right now! :P

    1. Thanks Starling :D!
      Yeah Vana's tutorial is fabulous! It's the most easy and quickest way I have ever tried - and it also gave the best results for me :)!