Friday, 5 October 2012

Little Miss Cutie: Assignment 3

After Sensation closing, I decided to get back into some modelling competitions because I miss them!

I'm only in one at the moment: "Little Miss Cutie" (cycle 1) hosted by Hoxha! You can find her blog here. I recommend it, she just uploaded her beautiful Asian model Mae Ling.


I just handed in my third assignment which was a toy advertisement:

The brief was:
"This week your model is starring in an advertisement for a toy, it can be any kind of toy that a child would play with/on, etc."
I decided to whisk my model, Crystal Meadows [bio/meet the model coming soon], away with her genie father to China for this photoshoot.

Unfortunately her dog and best friend, Fletcher, couldn't accompany them. However I was assured by a stranger he would be looked after well while they were gone. She seemed trustworthy so I gave her the keys to the house and therefore access to all my sims' prized possessions. Sims are so kind.


I quite like the yellow and red tones with the text and dragon used for the logo. It really reminds me, personally, of Chinese New Year and that is what I was going for; hence the name of the toy. I had to use OMSP for this picture and moved it around 6m high into the air - boy was that a strange sight!

**No fairies or toys were harmed in the making of this advertisement.**

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