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"Crazy and Colourful Modeling" - Final Tribute Post

So I'm taking down the "Crazy and Colourful Modeling" page down because I have updated the archives with all relevant information (finally haha). I thought I'd post the page as a post so it isn't lost forever ;). Enjoy!


Here are some of my favourite entries (made by me) from "Crazy and Colourful Modeling", hosted by Jacquelinejvr aka Jackie! Click on the photos to see them biggified!

The model participating in Crazy and Colourful is...

Assignment 4 - "Vacations"

  • Place: 2nd/8 competitors
  • Score: 137/140
  • Percentage: 98%
Art is one of Sandy's passions in life. She had been contacted to model for a sculptor to sculpt her out of ice to be exhibited at Sim Pole! She just couldn't refuse! As well as being sculpted, she was offered a free holiday to Sim Pole to view the exhibition herself. She was allowed to see all the masterpieces before the grand opening and when she saw the sculpture that was supposed to be her - she almost died! Her nose was completely the wrong shape! She tore the sculpture's clothes and wigs off and smashed the ice to the ground where it dissolved into the icy floor. She threw on the outfit and wig, put on her make-up and elegantly posed on the display. Many visitors passed and admired the realistic sculpture of a beautiful young woman. Near the end of the showing, a little boy ducked under the barrier ropes with a naked flame. Sandy's heartbeat increased rapidly as he came closer and closer to her. He poked her on the knee with the burning fire and Sandy could not hold in a painful yelp! Her knee was burnt and she instinctly jumped back from the boy to protect herself from another burning. Unfortunately she jumped just a little far too back and fell onto the icy ground - her body ached in so many places - but at least the ice was cooling her knee.

Until assignment 4 I was not doing very well, however with this entry I came 2nd out of 8 people! We had to show how our sim's vacation turned crazy. The description with my entry explains everything! (That's why it's so long haha :P)

Assignment 6 - "Colour!"

  • Place: 2nd/6 competitors
  • Score: 134/140
  • Percentage: 96%
Black and white is the complete opposite of what Sandy is - colourful. So I decided to show the complete opposite of Sandy in this black and white pic! Usually a kind, sweet and caring girl - the black and white version of Sandy is a sexy, seducing assassin. One kiss of her poision red lips will knock you out in a flash - and with looks like these, Sandy doesn't find killing hard at all.
 Yaaay! Second again - this is one of my favourite assignments of mine from the whole competition (well I guess all the photos on this page are but still xD..). We had to have a black and white photo with one splash of colour - I decided to makeover Sandy into a sexy assassin. Her poison lipstick is the splash of colour (if you couldn't tell hehe). I chose her lips to be in colour as this is her weapon that she uses to kill men when they least expect it!

Assignment 8 - "Colours"

  • Place: 2nd/5 competitors
  • Score: 192/210
  • Percentage: 91%
Sandy Clementine, also known as "Super Sandy"! Here and there and everywhere, Super Sandy will save the day! Whether it be a theiving of an old lady's handbag or hostages in a bank, no job is too big or small for Super Sandy! Within two metres, she can freeze any villain with her blue fog that emerges from her cool lips. Once you're trapped you're doomed! Mwahahahahahahaha !!
 Second again :D! Now I just needed to come first haha! Anyway, for this assignment we were each given a colour for us to build our assignment around. My colour was blue, and it had to be an important part of the picture. Before I go any further I would just like to remind you that all entires for this competition had to be crazy and colourful xD. Sooo.. I did a superhero theme! Super Sandy to the rescue! Again (I just realised this) her lips were the main feature of the picture, her magical blue lips have the power to freeze villains with the blue fog that emerges from them. Take that Dr Evil!!!

Assignment 9 - "Freestyle"

  • Place: 1st/4 competitors
  • Score: 196.5/210
  • Percentage: 94%
Roll up! Roll up! Welcome to The Travelling Circus, coming to a city near you! You'll be "Ooooh"ing and "Ahhhh"ing with the rest of the audience when the fantastic and fandabulous acts perform for you! Will your favourite be the traditional yet crazy clown? The parading elephants? The fearless fire eater? The flexible twin acrobats? Or will the act that fills your heart with delight and excitement be The Luscious Leopard, aka Sandy Clementine, who sets off fireworks in every man's heart as she twirls with her scarlet silk in the air. If The Luscious Leopard can't tempt you to come, nothing will!! So, come on down to "The Tent" in Riverview this Friday and Saturday for the time of your life! Don't miss this once in a lifetime opportunity!
smiley emoticons
 YAAAAAAAAAAAY! Finally I am first in a round XD XD!! Let's have a party to celebrate!! Go up to join the party with the crew!!! 

*cough* cringe *cough*

Anyway... Now that that's over...
For this assignment we were allowed to do absolutely anything at all that we wanted but of course it had to be crazy and colourful. I thought, "What is the most colourful and crazy thing I can think of?". I instantly thought, "DOUBLE RAINBOW!!" but obviously I couldn't do that... So I went with my second option - a circus! Sandy was the star of the show as the Luscious Leopard. This was my first attempt at hair drawing, on Sandy and the female gymnast. I think I have improved now though as I have changed my technique. I also drew the silk that Sandy is performing on, I was quite proud of that <3. This is my very favourite entry of mine in this competition.. so far ;D.

Assignment 10 - "Gone Glamarous"

  • Place: 1st/3 competitors
  • Score: 327.5/350
  • Percentage: 94% 
Sandy's glamorous side shines through with the sophisticated, yet bright and bold, shades of the elegant peacock.
 Yaaaaaaaaaaay! I came first again :D. Hopefully in the final this luck will continue haha! I love the skin shading around her neck area in this picture <3. And I can see now that the hair isn't amazing xD but that was like my second attempt! I also drew the necklace so i am proud of that. Not much else to say about this picture, except that I am so glad that my effort with the hair paid off (even though it isn't amazing) - you have no idea how long it took me!!

Assignment 11 - "All Out Crazy & Coloruful"

  • Place: 1st/2 competitors
  • Score: 377.5/420
  • Percentage: 90%  
Sandy the crazy and colourful faery was feeling a little bored one evening, and so she decided to sit upon the Great Rainbow since it was looking just beautiful tonight. Her feet sparkled as she easily skipped up the colourful bridge. As she sat down, swinging her legs over the edge, she was suddenly startled by loud banging noises! She instantly looked up and saw ginormous fireworks in every shape, size and colour bursting from the darkness of the clear skies! The fireworks were even brighter than her magical sparkles which surrounded her in a white glow. As she tried to regain her balance, she slipped and began to slide down the rainbow rapidly! She tried to slow down with her hand but it was no use; her legs and other arm were flailing while her necklace attempted to fly off her neck! When she finally reached the end of the rainbow she noticed a large sign stuck onto the pot of gold, it said:


So that was why the Rainbow was deserted...
 This is my final picture for the final of "Crazy & Colourful Modeling". Scores haven't been posted yet but when they have I will be sure to let you know. Wish me luck :D!


My hard work paid off and I won Crazy and Colourful Modeling :D!


The entries for this competition will shortly move to "Archives" once I manage to find the time and how to make those small images with the hyperlinks to the big images etc etc. hehe ^_^

Thank you to everyone involved in the competition or who gave me support and well done to all the competitors who made the competition great!
Extra big hugs and thank you's to Jackie who really was a tremendous host <3.

Thank you!

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