Saturday, 1 September 2012

Legacy: Charlie Diamond


This post is about my Model Legacy with my founder, Charlie Diamond.

Charlie Diamond glowing on her Wedding Day

My Model Legacy was a recurring article in the now closed magazine, Sensation. The last issue was released today around 1am which you can read here.

Photo from
Photo from

Although Sensation is closing, the Diamond Legacy is not! I will be creating a new website on Wordpress exclusively for the legacy. This will include a contents page with easy access to all chapters and you will be able to view all chapters on the blog and not just in the magazine issues. Also, the legacy centred around the world of fashion, models, photography etc. and that was why it was a "model" legacy during its time in Sensation. However now it will simply be a legacy full of a variety of themes - not just fashion! I hope it will be a success and I just know I'm going to have a lot of fun continuing Charlie and her family's lives out with the magazine - I hope you will have fun joining them on their journey too :). Charlie would like to thank Sensation for letting her story be told amongst its amazing pages and I would too.

I'll post again with the link to the new Wordpress site once it is up and running. Until then, thank you for reading and here's a couple of sneaky pics taken on set while photographing Charlie's wedding!

I thought Sheryl liked her son-in-law...

However that scary tongue is changing my opinion...

Yeah I'm scared too.


Charlie Diamond went from this...
to this.

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